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Book of Purifications

Book of Purifications

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  • Ancient purification spells in Medu (Egyptian hieroglyphs).
  • The relationship between an individual and the energy of his ancestors.
  • The affect one’s ancestors have on his/her destiny.
  • How to affect or alter one’s destiny.
  • How to cleanse negative energies from a given area.
  • How to cleanse the negative effects of trauma and stress.
  • How to honor one’s own spirit and ancestors on a daily basis.
  • Alternate processes of purification using the four source elements of nature: fire, air, water and earth.

This book explores the power of spiritual purification, meditation and prayer as understood in the temples and initiatic schools of Ancient Egypt and what is known today as the Mystery Schools of Africa.

Human history shows the importance and necessity of physical purity and cleanliness in our pursuit to survive the forces of nature. The Black Plague and historical health epidemics around the planet all attest to the importance of physical hygiene. Recently, the importance of cleansing internal waste has also become popular and more people are seeing the relationship between internal cleansing and good health.

But just as we accumulate filth and debris on and in our physical bodies, spiritual cultures have known that we also accumulate waste, toxins, stresses and debris on our spiritual body, our invisible parts. The purification of our complete selves is the first step towards our spiritual evolution and our sensitivity to the spiritu

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