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77 Commandments Poster Digital Download (French)

77 Commandments Poster Digital Download (French)

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High resolution digital download of the 77 Commandments Poster in French. 

The Seventy-Seven Commandments poster, also known as the Great Book of Divine Ordinances: The Code of Human Behavior, contains all seventy-seven commandments given to humanity by the Gods. These commandments have been translated from three papyri: Nb, Nbsni, and Insu, by Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, a Dogon Spiritual Master from West Africa.

This poster features each commandment and which God or Goddess it comes from. it also features footnotes that help the seeker find more information on either the temple/nome, God/Goddess, etc.

The seventy-seven commandments guarantee ones spiritual purity, and they are the same laws that are used in the Mystery School Initiation in Africa. All students in The Earth Center live by these commandments, as they are required for spiritual growth and living a spiritually honest life.