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Holy Drama CD Lecture

Holy Drama CD Lecture

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In this captivating lecture, Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig retells the oldest story known to humanity.  This lecture methodically illustrates the fundamental principles of spirituality, philosophy and human genius.  The original story of The Holy Drama has been passed down through the millennia since the Pharaonic Dynasties. It is presented from the Kemetic perspective for the first time in the West from an authentic Kemetic Dogon priest.  The Holy Drama features the sequence of events surrounding the second trinity of God in the Kemetic Cosmogony. It highlights the life and death of WSR (Osiris), the attempt of his brother SETH to destroy him, the sacrifice and efforts of his wife AISHAT (Isis) to recover and revive him so that they may conceive the god-child, HERU (Horus).

In traditional Kemetic civilizations, the Holy Drama served as a pillar for human quality and enlightenment.

“This topic is so enigmatic.  It will call on your mind, your reasoning, and your common sense.  But, this one will also call on your heart. So, wherever you think it’s hard to put the reasoning part together, maybe check a bit below the head and you will see.  The Holy Drama is specifically engineered to call on every aspect of yourself.”

– Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig

Prophet Neb Naba’s signature approach of engaging the audience’s logic and reasoning by taking his time and going step by step makes each concept clear and very easy to follow.  This lecture is for anyone seeking to either further their understanding or learn the basics of Kemetic spirituality and history.