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Philosophy Podium - A Dogon Perspective

Philosophy Podium - A Dogon Perspective

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Contrary to popular belief, the Dogon are not just a small tribe that lives in Mali; the Dogon are composed of many different bloodlines that represent the elite of Pharaonic society. The Dogon once lived in the Nile Valley, but they migrated inland during the invasion around 400 BC. Today the Dogon live in many countries throughout Africa. The Dogon can be seen as Kemetic people who, during the periods of invasion, migrated so that their culture and spirituality could be kept pure. Master Naba presents the reader with that purity and authenticity in this volume of his collected essays, The Philosophy Podium.

A much needed addition to the field of philosophical writings that will etch its place as an authority on human thought. An indispensable podium from which the traditional priesthood of the world’s oldest civilisation re-establishes its position as the intellectual and spiritual leaders of human culture for all time. Master Naba reunites humanity in an honest approach to the history, structure and range of human genius. The Second Edition contains all of the thought provoking content from the first edition. Twelve chapters chapters have also been added, including Master Naba’s most recent series, “Society and Individual Destruction.:”

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