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Rising Firefly 70

Rising Firefly 70

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Order today to receive the most recent volume of the largest Kemetic journal in the world. This issue contains up to date Bayuali (Earth Energy) readings for the first 3 Kemetic months (from September 11, 2015 to December 9th, 2015), as well as an explanation of the history of the Mandala of Denderah, the original map of the sky. Read topics such as…

-Science & Reason: Understanding the Mandala of Denderah
-The Night Fire: Life after Death
-Earth Talk: The Perpetuation of Slavery through Constitutional & Criminal Law
-Philosophy Podium: Science & Religion – Ideological Partnership
-Our Mother’s Light: Political Games – A Woman’s Rebellion
-Catastrophe in the Great Lakes: Part III – Holocaust

and more…